ArabShare Magazine mainly focused on covering the movement of the Collaborative Economy in the Arab World, or international topics that goes with its benefit to educated and grow the movement here in the region, We invite you to share your thoughts and experience with us by contributing to it as a writer, editor or translator!
Here’s what we want to hear about:

Do you support the Collaborative Economy movement and believe it can change your Arab World for better. Or have witnessed international /local impact of the Collaborative Economy and you want to share your opinion and experience with the us, Ahlan W Aslan- Which mean welcome in Arabic.

Are you a startup working on one of the Collaborative Economy filed and you have thoughts, views, and news -which isn’t a press release or promotion, share it with us.

You’ve done some research on a Collaborative Economy project, report or white papers we like this stuff to appear.

But before you do read our Content Guidelines. We do reserve the right to publish only the highest quality articles.

What we publish:
Articles about the Collaborative Economy

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